Learn to Make Kombucha with Amanda Buse

Kombucha Workshops
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This workshop typically lasts one hour and we taste 3 different flavors of kombucha.
I demonstrate step-by-step how to make kombucha and you go home with your own SCOBY and starter to continuously make it on your own.

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Kombucha at Amanda Buse Health Coach

Workshop Location:

Please be sure to check your specific event date and location
as these may vary between
Grantville, PA & Lititz, PA

Workshops typically fill up quickly!
If you see a class that fits your schedule, please be sure to reserve your spot ASAP.  

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Kombucha is a natural probiotic drink made from fermented tea.  It helps balance your good gut bacteria to promote a healthy immune system.  Kombucha contains multiple B vitamins and beneficial acids as well as multiple different strains of live bacteria.

Kombucha at Amanda Buse Health Coach
Kombucha at Amanda Buse Health Coach

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Comments from my Kombucha Workshops:

"The thing I enjoyed most about this workshop is that it is hands-on.  
It is much easier to remember when you see it instead of reading about it.  
Liked the samples too!" -Donna

"The thing that I enjoyed most about the workshop is drinking the kombucha.  Excellent Class!" - Kristin

"I enjoyed that it's simple!" - Tami

"The thing that I enjoyed most about this workshop is learning about how the tea is actually alive and how you must take care of the living SCOBY with food, water, and temperature, etc." - Sara

"I enjoyed tasting and learning how to make kombucha!  Seems simple enough that I can do it!!" - Anonymous

"The thing that I enjoyed most about this workshop is seeing the tea actually being made - not just a lecture.  (ok- AND tasting!!!!)" - Lorna

"Good information & class infused with humor.  I like the handouts." - Anonymous

"I enjoyed learning more about the SCOBY and kombucha.  It was very informative and interesting." - Mary

"The thing I enjoyed most about this workshop is EVERYTHING.  Very educational and relaxing environment."
- Lisa

"I enjoyed tasting the different flavors.  Very informative!" - Tami

"The thing I enjoyed most are the step-by-step instructions, thorough written instructions & take home! Thought it was excellent." - Alicia

"I learned a lot.  Very nice group of ladies.  Good variety of flavors."  - Janice

"I enjoyed the small class and all the ideas to do with the kombucha. This information was so very informative." - Diana

"The thing that I enjoyed most about this workshop is learning that I can flavor my kombucha." - Anonymous

"I enjoyed the shared time to learn more about a healing opportunity." - Cathy

"Seeing the process from start to finish is what I enjoyed most about this workshop.  
Informative and relaxed environment." - Lindsey

"Amanda is very knowledgeable and organized as a teacher; she's passionate about kombucha!" - Rhonda

"The thing I enjoyed most about this workshop is learning how to make kombucha tea simplified." - Jeannette

"I enjoyed the simplicity of instructions which took away the 'fears' about making kombucha." - Bernie

"The thing I enjoyed most about the kombucha workshop is seeing a step-by-step demonstration of how to make the tea." - Danielle

"I enjoyed how it is most educational to learn step-by-step instructions and learning by seeing.  Fruit flavoring was great today." - Sharon