Amanda Buse

Stop the Dieting Madness!

So who has been on a diet before?  Probably just about everyone, right?

And was it successful?

Are you still eating that same way?  Meaning...was your diet sustainable?

Probably not.  

And that's the super frustrating part.  We torture ourselves with this yo-yo dieting.  

One month we eat vegetarian.  Then we read something online or talk to a friend and decide that we must be more strict.  We must be vegan.  

Hmmm...then we read a different article or talk to a different friend.  Suddenly we aren't getting enough protein!  We must eat more meat!  

Somehow we jump from vegan to Paleo.  Which is quite a swing, I must say.  

And do we feel any better?

You tell me...

Or maybe we try playing the numbers game.  

Counting calories, carbs, fats, proteins, points,...

Does any of this math really matter?

I'd have to state a resounding NO.  And it's not just because I dislike math.  (I'm an English literature gal myself--to be on a diet or not to be on a diet, that is the question)

And I'm gonna vote for not.  

I have definitely come to learn that I do not need to jump from diet to diet or ever really go on another diet again.  

Not now that I've learned how to eat to fuel my individual body and lifestyle.  

You see, it's so not about the math.  It is SO NOT ABOUT THE MATH.

And it's not about having a trendy diet with a fancy, schmancy label.  You know, the ones that somebody literally made up.  Maybe it worked for them and so they thought it would work for everyone.  

Well guess what?  You are not everyone.  You are YOU.  Luckily.  

And you have your very own eating style.  

YOU have your very own way of eating that will fuel your body and lifestyle.

That is if you want to discern what it is.  

But don't worry.  You don't have to figure this out on your own.

I would absolutely love to share with you how I learned to discern my INDIVIDUAL eating style.  And how it helped me to lose almost 25 pounds without killing myself in a gym or having to starve myself. (And no I didn't make this up. So don't worry. It's totally real. There's even a test to prove it.) 

I still eat cupcakes, chocolate, french fries, ice cream, and Ranch salad dressing.  

And eating to fuel my body tastes AMAZING.  It is incredibly satisfying.  

And I'll never go back.  

I'll never go back to crazy diets of math games and torturing myself to the point of tears.  


If you would like my help to determine the best foods for your individual body to fuel your lifestyle, visit to schedule your initial consultation.

I bet you can already feel the freedom.  Release yourself from this cyclical prison of dieting.

Stop the dieting madness!