Amanda Buse

How A Health Coach Will Help You

If you are wondering what a health coach does, you are not alone.  

I get a lot of blank stares when someone asks me what I do for a living and I respond with this job title.  People are polite and pretend to know what I mean. Maybe they have heard of it before and maybe not.  I appreciate their kindness, but I would love to share more specifically what a health coach does.  

Especially how a health coach can help you.

I really think this is the best analogy...

Have you ever helped a child build a puzzle?

You help them get it out of the box and flip all of the pieces over so you can see the shapes and colors.  You let them take the lead, providing guidance as they get stuck or even ask for help.  

Maybe you suggest that they rotate a piece.  Maybe you try to get them to see why something won't fit.  You can suggest they try a spot with a certain matching color.  You can give hints like trying to start with pieces that have a smooth edge to build the frame first.  

You provide guidance...  

Gently, calmly, encouragingly.

And slowly but surely the two of you build something beautiful.

Something the child is proud of.  

And you helped them...but you let them do the work.

You allow them to learn and grow from the experience, from your guidance.   

It's a synergistic thing of magnificence...

And so it is with health coaching.  

It's a partner on your wellness journey helping you to see your options.  Helping you to navigate the sometimes bumpy path on the way to the healthiest version of yourself.  

It is someone with a vision of what the finished picture can be and a plan as to how to help you get there. 

A health coach is a partner, a teacher, a listener, a coordinator...

with your best interest in mind.

With your total health and wellness as the goal.

Would you like a health coach to help guide you to put the pieces together for your healthiest self?
Visit and schedule your initial consultation today.  

I would be more than happy to build a puzzle with you.