Amanda Buse

Stop the Dieting Madness!

So who has been on a diet before?  Probably just about everyone, right?

And was it successful?

Are you still eating that same way?  Meaning...was your diet sustainable?

Probably not.  

And that's the super frustrating part.  We torture ourselves with this yo-yo dieting.  

One month we eat vegetarian.  Then we read something online or talk to a friend and decide that we must be more strict.  We must be vegan.  

Hmmm...then we read a different article or talk to a different friend.  Suddenly we aren't getting enough protein!  We must eat more meat!  

Somehow we jump from vegan to Paleo.  Which is quite a swing, I must say.  

And do we feel any better?

You tell me...

Or maybe we try playing the numbers game.  

Counting calories, carbs, fats, proteins, points,...

Does any of this math really matter?

I'd have to state a resounding NO.  And it's not just because I dislike math.  (I'm an English literature gal myself--to be on a diet or not to be on a diet, that is the question)

And I'm gonna vote for not.  

I have definitely come to learn that I do not need to jump from diet to diet or ever really go on another diet again.  

Not now that I've learned how to eat to fuel my individual body and lifestyle.  

You see, it's so not about the math.  It is SO NOT ABOUT THE MATH.

And it's not about having a trendy diet with a fancy, schmancy label.  You know, the ones that somebody literally made up.  Maybe it worked for them and so they thought it would work for everyone.  

Well guess what?  You are not everyone.  You are YOU.  Luckily.  

And you have your very own eating style.  

YOU have your very own way of eating that will fuel your body and lifestyle.

That is if you want to discern what it is.  

But don't worry.  You don't have to figure this out on your own.

I would absolutely love to share with you how I learned to discern my INDIVIDUAL eating style.  And how it helped me to lose almost 25 pounds without killing myself in a gym or having to starve myself. (And no I didn't make this up. So don't worry. It's totally real. There's even a test to prove it.) 

I still eat cupcakes, chocolate, french fries, ice cream, and Ranch salad dressing.  

And eating to fuel my body tastes AMAZING.  It is incredibly satisfying.  

And I'll never go back.  

I'll never go back to crazy diets of math games and torturing myself to the point of tears.  


If you would like my help to determine the best foods for your individual body to fuel your lifestyle, visit to schedule your initial consultation.

I bet you can already feel the freedom.  Release yourself from this cyclical prison of dieting.

Stop the dieting madness!

Amanda Buse

How I met a new friend...

Today, I went out for a walk down the road with my hubby.  We were enjoying the beautiful fall weather when a pickup truck pulled up next to us and informed us that there was a local man who went missing.  Apparently he has Alzheimer's and somehow managed to walk away from his home.  There had even been helicopters out in the area trying to search for him.  I had seen them myself earlier in the day but didn't think anything of it at the time.  

And as we walked over the crest of a small hill, there came a pleasant, elderly gentleman so we greeted him.  We asked him for his name, and sure enough, he was the missing man.  So I offered him a drink of water and he was more than happy to take me up on it.  He came back to our house to sit on the front porch and enjoy his refreshing beverage while my husband called the police.  

While visiting on the porch, the gentleman told me about his wife and her cooking.  He had met her in Germany and told me her name.  He was anxious to get home for his wife's dinner.  He said that he had been walking for four days and had spent the night in a nearby forest.  The man had only gone missing that same morning but he definitely had an adventuresome spirit!  

I thoroughly enjoyed his company and getting to chat with him.  It was a pleasant surprise for our afternoon to be able to return this lovely man to his family.  The police came to chauffeur him home, and he was happy to go with them.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed your dinner Mr. Miller!  We will always remember you!

Reflecting on my grandmother's life on the anniversary of her passing this month and then meeting this man afflicted with her same health concern of Alzheimer's really hit home for me today.  It's so frustrating to me that in our society we see these signs of aging as a given.  But there's so much we can do to make an impact on our health.  So much we can do to limit our risk of developing these debilitating diseases.  

And I use this as my motivation.  To help others become the healthiest versions of themselves as well as to encourage myself in my own health journey.  We may never have perfect health, and maybe we can't even extend our life, per se.  But I want to do everything I can to really enjoy the time that I do have.  I want every ability I can have to live my life.  And not just be among the living.  I want to thrive.  And I want to help you do that too.  Whenever you are ready...

When you are ready to live your life to the fullest. When you are tired of being a spectator.  When you know you need to do something before it's too late.  You can feel better and have more energy.  You CAN thrive.  Are you ready?  

Amanda Buse

Redefining Disease

Have you ever had a cold or flu?  

And you recognized that you were sick because of a set of symptoms that appeared which were previously not common in your daily life?

We all recognize the classic symptoms of a cold like a runny nose, headache, congestion, or cough.  Or the fever, chills, and vomiting typically associated with a flu.  We get that these symptoms are indicators that our immune systems are trying to recover our health.  

We get that eventually these symptoms will go away.  

So is it that much of a stretch to apply this same type of thinking to any set of symptoms?

Let's say that you have been diagnosed with a "disease" like diabetes.  Your  symptoms probably include elevated blood glucose levels and possibly you are overweight.  

But what if you find the root cause of your symptoms in the first place so that they can be eliminated?

What if your blood glucose levels are lowered to a healthy range without medication and you lose weight?

Do you still have symptoms of this disease?  

Without symptoms do you still have this disease?

I hope people will come to start thinking of their health concerns like having the cold.

They have a set of symptoms.  But it doesn't mean that their symptoms have to last.  It doesn't mean that these symptoms have to define their lives.   It doesn't mean that disease has to define their lives.

Because if we begin to think of disease as a sum of its parts, then we can see where we can make progress.  We can truly find the root cause of our symptoms.  And we can eradicate the symptoms instead of alleviating them through medication.  

Wouldn't you rather get rid of your symptoms for good than try to cover them up?  

Because the reason for our body displaying symptoms in the first place is to give us a warning.  It's the body's way of telling us that something needs our attention.  How incredible that our bodies have this way of communicating with us!

So we should pay attention.

And learn to appreciate our symptoms.  Learn from our symptoms.  

Learn to give our bodies what they need and less of what they don't need.  

Because when you ignore one set of symptoms and try to hide them, mask them, then you are only asking your body to display a new set of symptoms.

Our bodies will keep speaking to us through this way until we listen.  

Only when we start to understand this dialogue with our bodies will we find our way to true wellness.   And out of the medicine cabinet.