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3 Reasons Why the Paleo Diet Won't Reverse Your Autoimmune Dynamic

Have you heard all of the hype lately about the Paleo Autoimmune cure?  It's definitely a hot topic online and I've been asked several times about it.  Before you try to go "all in" on another restrictive fad diet, please take the following into consideration.

Here are 3 reasons why the Paleo diet in and of itself will not reverse your autoimmune condition.  

1.  The Paleo diet is quite restrictive but may be so in many wrong ways for your individual body and needs.  While the Paleo diet may result in removing inflammatory foods from your current diet and can potentially help improve your symptoms, some of the foods may be removed unnecessarily for each individual.  AND other foods may be allowed which would ideally be removed for certain individuals.  I don't know about you, but I despise wasting my time and taking unnecessary steps at any task.  The best solution, in my opinion, is to determine which foods are actually causing an inflammatory response in your individual body through IgG blood testing.    This just makes logical sense to me in our modern society to use the current technology at our disposal.  My IgG results showed antibodies to pineapple, papaya, and of all things, garlic.  Three foods which would have been just fine on the Paleo diet, even the restricted AIP one, were not OK for me.  Not OK for my individual body.  And other gluten-free grains like oats and rice are fine for me and it's unnecessary for me to cease eating them. If you like doing unnecessary and time consuming tasks, by all means, that is your right.

2.  Simply removing inflammatory foods doesn't address the gut healing and nutritional supplementation required for complete recovery.  You see, removing the CORRECT inflammatory foods is only a portion of the process.  You also need to give the body adequate nutrition to rebuild and repair so that it will no longer attack benign foods through the immune system response.  In my opinion, where an autoimmune dynamic has already developed, adequate nutrition to reverse this process cannot be acquired through a healthy diet alone.  The body is depleted so severely of certain vitamins and minerals that supplementation is necessary for acute care.  Therefore, simply removing inflammatory foods and eating a healthy diet won't give your body enough support for recovery.

3.  Additional root causes for the autoimmune condition such as infections, overgrowths, and hormone imbalances can also be a part of the dynamic and will not resolve themselves by mere dietary changes.  Often, autoimmune responses are accompanied by SIBO, yeast overgrowths, or various other infections as well as adrenal issues/hormone imbalances which need to be directly addressed.  This should be done with the help of a trained functional nutrition or functional medicine practitioner.  Additional testing may be necessary to determine these dynamics such as stool testing and/or hormone testing. For real and lasting recovery, you want to get at all of the root drivers for your condition, not just your trigger foods.

In conclusion, I leave you with this metaphor...

Let's say you have scheduled yourself a fantastic tropical cruise vacation.  You head out on your journey only to be stuck at the airport in Atlanta due to layover after your first flight leg.  The flight into the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale is rescheduled for the next day so that you miss catching your cruise before it leaves port.  Probably spending your time at the Atlanta airport is not the vacation you dreamed of.  Especially not if you were hoping to go on a tropical cruise.  

Probably the Paleo diet is not the solution you dreamed it would be.  Nor will it live up to the hype that is so prevalent online.  

My advice?

Get all of the facts and the necessary guidance that you need regarding your health concerns.  Don't waste your time on trendy diets.  

And don't miss the boat.  

Amanda Buse is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who specializes in applied functional medicine protocols.  She empowers her clients to take control of their health and claim the life that they want by helping them get to the root cause of their health concerns.  You can find out more and contact Amanda at

Amanda Buse

Redefining Disease

Have you ever had a cold or flu?  

And you recognized that you were sick because of a set of symptoms that appeared which were previously not common in your daily life?

We all recognize the classic symptoms of a cold like a runny nose, headache, congestion, or cough.  Or the fever, chills, and vomiting typically associated with a flu.  We get that these symptoms are indicators that our immune systems are trying to recover our health.  

We get that eventually these symptoms will go away.  

So is it that much of a stretch to apply this same type of thinking to any set of symptoms?

Let's say that you have been diagnosed with a "disease" like diabetes.  Your  symptoms probably include elevated blood glucose levels and possibly you are overweight.  

But what if you find the root cause of your symptoms in the first place so that they can be eliminated?

What if your blood glucose levels are lowered to a healthy range without medication and you lose weight?

Do you still have symptoms of this disease?  

Without symptoms do you still have this disease?

I hope people will come to start thinking of their health concerns like having the cold.

They have a set of symptoms.  But it doesn't mean that their symptoms have to last.  It doesn't mean that these symptoms have to define their lives.   It doesn't mean that disease has to define their lives.

Because if we begin to think of disease as a sum of its parts, then we can see where we can make progress.  We can truly find the root cause of our symptoms.  And we can eradicate the symptoms instead of alleviating them through medication.  

Wouldn't you rather get rid of your symptoms for good than try to cover them up?  

Because the reason for our body displaying symptoms in the first place is to give us a warning.  It's the body's way of telling us that something needs our attention.  How incredible that our bodies have this way of communicating with us!

So we should pay attention.

And learn to appreciate our symptoms.  Learn from our symptoms.  

Learn to give our bodies what they need and less of what they don't need.  

Because when you ignore one set of symptoms and try to hide them, mask them, then you are only asking your body to display a new set of symptoms.

Our bodies will keep speaking to us through this way until we listen.  

Only when we start to understand this dialogue with our bodies will we find our way to true wellness.   And out of the medicine cabinet.