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The New "D" Word

I can't even tell you how disturbed I am by this dirty word.  It's filthy. It's ruining our society.  And it's everywhere!  

You probably say it at least once a week.  Your kids have probably said it too.  And when people say it to me,
I internally cringe.  


Like someone just dumped a big bucket of green slime over my head!

Our words are so important. They affect our perceptions, our mood, our health. So why we choose to use such a degrading word about ourselves and others is beyond me.

I'm talking about the new "D" word in town.  You know...

The word...


It's difficult for me to even type it!  I had to make it small font because it deserves to be small.  Smaller in our thinking and in our vocabulary.  

This word really gets to me these days.  Mostly because I hear people talking about it like a prison sentence.  I'm eating a salad for lunch because I'm on a "diet" and therefore,  there must be something wrong with me.  

Like I'm some kind of modern-day leper.  

Because I couldn't possibly be eating healthy because I want to. Or because it tastes good.  Or because I feel so much better in my body.  Or BECAUSE I VALUE MYSELF.

Your "diet" or way of eating, let's call it, should totally support and empower you.  Not degrade you and make you feel deprived.  Not shame you.  Not EVER.

And the idea that health must come in this unwelcome package of restrictions and severity is so outdated!  Get off that roller coaster...

Food should be your best ally because it energizes and supports your body's functions.  It keeps you healthy and participating in the things that you love.  That's what it was meant to be.  So, let's make sure that's how you are eating.  

Eat in a supportive way, not a restrictive one.  

And for goodness' sake... 

Please join me in cutting this destructive word from your vocabulary! 

Let's stop all the potty mouth.  Talk kindly to yourself and to others.  

For more information on how to eat in a supportive way, visit or contact Amanda Buse, Certified Holistic Health Coach by clicking HERE

Amanda Buse

How I Drowned & Lived to Tell About It - Part 3

The night that my husband spent in the ER after they shocked his heart back into rhythm seemed long.  The doctors wouldn't allow me to stay at the hospital with him and so I came home. And this cute, little, furry face greeted me and was my source of comfort.  She watched me pack stuff to take to the hospital the next day. Let me pet her and snuggle.  Was so nice to not be there by myself that night.

Always there in our times of need these pets are.  Lily had lived with me in that house which flooded too. It took her a while to adjust to the new house after we moved.

It was about a year after the flood that we found out she was very sick.  

Poor baby wouldn't even get out of her bed for a treat... that's when you know it's not good.  She had a condition that resulted in congestive heart failure.  Anyone who has ever given a cat a pill can relate.  We gave her one each day for a year...

And every day for a year I worried that each time I left the house she wouldn't be alive when I got back.

I remember snuggling with her on the sofa on her last night.  I didn't know it would be her last night. But it was still hard to make myself leave her and go to bed. Maybe sometimes we kinda know what we don't really want to acknowledge.  

This was a difficult blow because up until then nothing which was alive had been lost.

The house was destroyed, yes, but it was just possessions.  Things.  My hubby had given us quite a scare, but he survived. Each time I thought we were about to recover, something new popped up.  Some new form of drowning...

And I held my sweet kitty in my arms for the last time with my hubby by my side.

It's impossible to decide which way is more painful.  Knowing this will eventually happen and trying to somehow prepare for that day. Try to prepare for something you know you can't prepare for.  Or having it come out of the blue and smack you in the face.  Like a punch in the gut.  Like a flood slowly rising or a flame catching quick...there's no good time.  There's no good way. There's no good day...

So you decide that you can't... let these things control you.  The drowning... it consumes you.  It will take you down, down, down,...

And I always thought that I needed to swim to avoid the drowning.  Fight hard.  Stay strong.  Be brave.  Don't give up...

Which is exhausting...

There's only so long you can fight.  Just so much left to give. Not enough at the end of the day.  

But, how to stop this drowning...

The phoenix... it rises gracefully and then it is gliding. It doesn't struggle. It is graceful.

And there was something I learned from my fridge, the one in that flood.  It's such an ironic reminder. When the answer is right in front of you. Staring you in the face. No more struggle, no more kicking, no more fighting. No more wasting my energy... 

I learned how to...  

Amanda Buse

How I Drowned & Lived to Tell About It - Part 2

About 9 months into my postdiluvian life, I found myself brushing my teeth and putting in contacts in the bathroom of the ER at my nearby hospital.  A nurse knocked on the door and said that my husband was asking to see me.  I rushed after her, thankful that at least he was still speaking.  Wasn't sure if I was going in to say goodbye to him for the last time or not.

You see, I very nearly became a widow about a week before our 1st wedding anniversary. 

I had been working from home back then, and our electricity went out one day. Since I had recently moved, I called my hubby to ask the name of our electric company in order to report the outage.  He answered that they already knew.  

He was the reason that the electricity had gone out.  

He had inadvertently touched the bucket of a hydraulic lift to some high tension power lines outside on his parents property.  Luckily, he was able to free himself from the controls of the lift after only being momentarily shocked. Not electrocuted.  

Thank God he hadn't been in the bucket of that lift. Thank you, dear God.  

He made it into a little, local newspaper though.  Always notorious, this one.

He also walked away with some nice entrance and exit wounds on his hands and feet where the electricity had flowed through his entire body.  

He didn't want to go to the hospital that day, of course. The paramedics convinced him otherwise when they said that his heart wasn't beating correctly.  He rode to the hospital in the ambulance, and I drove myself there.  Somehow.  Couldn't tell you how I got there.  No idea what roads I took.  

But I beat the ambulance to the hospital. 

We learned that avoiding electrocution is all a part of marriage that day. Oh, there have been other days when I have wanted to kill him. Clearly. But I am always glad that we both continue to survive.  

The doctors were able to shock his heart back into rhythm at the hospital. He has been doing great ever since. 

But I definitely felt like my heart had received a shock of its own.  

In the photo, there is a tractor which was attached to the high lift, and it burned completely to the ground from the constant stream of electricity. And the shock of it all felt like I was in that fire. 

Burning...Still drowning...

Still soaked, and now charred.  

And this is part 2 of MY STORY.  My unbelievable story of bizarre loss, shock, and trauma.  We'll get off this emotional roller coaster someday. I promise. The phoenix rising...that happens.  Out from the flooding and the fire.

But just not quite yet... 

Amanda Buse

How I Drowned & Lived to Tell About It - Part 1

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was the refrigerator.

My had floated.

Came to rest at quite an amusing angle. Who knew this appliance was so buoyant? Wasn't really very funny though. It felt as if the weight of that fridge were on my shoulders.

As I squished my way across the now chocolatey brown carpet that used to be white, I was in total shock. The water had risen the whole way up from the ground floor to a point higher than I am tall on the next floor. Even in my wildest and worst dreams, I couldn't have imagined that my house would ever look this way.

Or smell this bad.

The smell is something that I will never forget. A nice cross between gasoline and sewer. And it's in my living room. AND KITCHEN.

Something like fourteen or fifteen feet of creek water flowing through your home is nothing that you can imagine. Until you live it. Then it's difficult to forget. This is not the same water that comes out of your faucet. It's not clear and sparkling like a bubble bath overflowing. It's dark and sinister...and all consuming. This nasty flooding...

It flooded my whole being.

It was very overwhelming to take it all in. I had been there the night before it happened and it was eerily peaceful. Not a sign of what was yet to come. Looked pristine. Neighborhood was quiet and usual. One last good look around.

So many beautiful memories. This was the place where my husband and I first kissed, where we first said "I Love You," and where he proposed. The first place I really lived on my own after moving away from where I was raised. MY first real home. It was me, it represented me. All my dreams and aspirations.

And when it flooded, I drowned.

I felt my optimism slip away and shock took its place. Started going through life like a zombie. Definitely not among the living...

The next few weeks were spent tearing everything out in an attempt to allow the bare bones of the house to dry. Ripping out carpet and drywall, and hauling away appliances, cupboards, and furniture. It sounds fun to say that you're "looking at studs" except when it means bleached two by fours in the glow of your flashlight.

Flooding brings literal darkness in that the electric was still on when the water rose to the level of the breaker box in the garage. After that, there wasn't electricity for months.  Which makes it tricky to run dehumidifiers, or try to work in the evenings as the sun sets earlier and earlier.

All this brought me another kind of darkness. A whole new unwelcome darkness. A kind of sadness that try not to think about it.

There were other things you don't think of. Like the irony of how you don't have running water.

Over the next few months, we slowly rebuilt the house. It seemed so cold there. Not a place I wanted to be anymore. Even after we were able to restore power and get the furnace running (just in time for winter so the pipes didn't freeze), it was so cold.

And the cold stayed with me.

It would be a long time until it left. I don't even know if I realized at the time how much it took hold on me. Looking back I can see all of the ways that it manifested itself over the years.

And yet, this is not a pity party. It's not a 'woe is me' kinda story. Plenty of other people experienced these same things, especially in my neighborhood and other places in the town.

But it is part of MY STORY.

Which is a story of a phoenix rising. Except the flood is just Act I. We're not even near the part where the bird can fly yet. Hang in there with me. It's going to get worse before it gets better...

Amanda Buse

3 Simple, Healthy Tips to Avoid Overeating

I see how making small, positive changes can create big results from working with my clients as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Being healthy doesn't have to be difficult and you should never feel deprived if you are eating in a way that is most beneficial for your body.  Here are 3 simple, healthy tips to incorporate into your daily routine...


I'm sure you've heard this one before but it's incredibly important!  And by water, I don't mean soda, coffee, juice, tea, flavored water, blah, blah, blah.  Water is WATER!  Your body NEEDS half your body weight in ounces of just plain water every single day.  If you find yourself reaching for an afternoon snack, next time head straight for some water first.  Drink at least 8 ounces and wait 5 minutes.  Give yourself the time to realize if you were just thirsty or actually hungry.  If you are actually hungry, then do step #2.


This is a no brainer and yet we fail to consume adequate nutrition from good quality fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  I tell my clients to strive for 4-6 servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit each day.  Find new ways to sneak in more vegetables at every meal. Realistically, if you eat this quantity of fruits and veggies every day you will feel better, have more energy, and definitely not be hungry!  

3.  CHEW

Yes, your mother was right!  Chewing is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of eating.  Aim to have 50-100 chews per bite.  Yes, per bite!  Digestion actually starts in the mouth with enzymes beginning to break down food as we chew.  So don't skip this important step.  AND you will want to savor the delicious food you are eating so slow down and enjoy it.  Chew it up!

Find more tips and healthy recipes at

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Make your dreams a reality

Let’s talk about sleep…

Have you been getting enough zzzz’s lately? Or not even lately.  Maybe you haven’t slept well in a very long time.  Maybe you can’t seem to shut your mind down at night to let yourself relax and fall asleep.  Maybe you have worries that keep you from peaceful slumber.  Is sleeping through the night for an entire 7-8 hours something of a fantasy for you?  Do you fall asleep quickly only to wake up after a few hours and then can’t get back to sleep? 

Maybe this post almost put you to sleep because you are SO tired that reading anything these days makes your eyes droop.  Lol. 

Except it’s not really very funny.  Not if you are living this way and can’t seem to find your way out.  Not at all funny if you feel like a zombie day after day.  Nothing funny about trying to get through the day with about a tenth of the energy that you wish you had.  Nothing is as frustrating as lying in bed wishing you could sleep and knowing you have a million things to do the next day.

If any of these descriptions hit home with you, then we should chatIt’s time to rejoin the living.  It’s time you decide to do something about it so you don’t keep missing out on the life you should have.  The one that is passing you by because you don’t have enough energy to keep up.  Don’t wait.  A peaceful night’s sleep is just around the corner…


Visit to schedule your initial consultation today.  Take the first step towards a life with less stress, better sleep, & more energy.  Make your dreams a reality.  Literally. 

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Approaching the holidays

I am getting excited about the approaching holidays and the opportunities to share new foods and interesting recipes with friends and family!  I love being able to share healthy food that tastes good!  It's the best way to get people to realize that being healthy doesn't mean eating food that tastes like cardboard.  Living a healthy lifestyle isn't a prison sentence to bad tasting food, severe restrictions, and a strict workout regimen.  When you find the nurturing lifestyle that best suits you, then you are actually free to do the things you love and enjoy your life.  So let's stop the insanity.  Stop dieting and torturing yourself.  Stop counting calories, carbs, steps, and realize that the way to get healthier isn't a giant math equation. The best thing you can do is to learn how to eat real food.  It's so simple and we make it so complicated.  I truly hope this holiday season that you enjoy meals with friends and family that are nutritious and delicious.  Food should be both!

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So change can feel overwhelming, right?  Sometimes I refer to it as the "C" word like it is something bad that I shouldn't speak out loud.  What I have come to realize though is that change is all in your perspective. If you think something is insurmountable, then it probably will be.  If you believe that you can achieve, then the possibilities are endless. Oh things will still seem difficult along the way from time to time. But if you can persevere, then that is true strength. I'm not talking about perseverance as gritting it out or just getting by. There is so much personal growth from going through difficult circumstances rather than trying to escape them.  Embrace the challenges.  You can have confidence that they will make you stronger.  We should learn from our past because it helps to shape the future.  So when I look back over the years, I am amazed at how things have worked out.  The changes that I thought were so devastating back then have led me to the place where I am now.  And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  

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New Beginnings

Today is the day!  There is no time like the present to begin your wellness journey.  I have been on one of my own for quite some time and each step is so rewarding.  I could not have done it without the support of others and I can't wait to pay it forward.  If you are looking for someone who understands how debilitating pain can be, or how frustrating it is to lose weight, and how it feels to not participate in activities that you love because of your health, then please reach out to me.  I have been there.  I would love to share with you the knowledge I have gained on my wonderful, crazy, beautiful journey back to health.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  You just have to take the first step...