Amanda Buse

Diabetes & Russian Roulette

We've all heard of the notorious game called Russian Roulette.  It's so not a good idea. 


We've seen the movies where someone pulls the trigger.  And with each (CLICK) our blood pressure goes up just watching, even when we know it's not real.  

But what if you are unkowingly pulling that trigger on a daily basis?  


With your health.

What if certain actions you take each day that you think are helping you to be healthy are actually the opposite?  

What if they are putting you one step closer to losing the game?  

Here are 3 bullets that explain how you might be doing just that, especially if you are diabetic or prediabetic...

  • You consume artificial sweetners in an attempt to avoid sugar.  (CLICK ) There is nothing beneficial about consuming artificial sweetners.  EVER.  In fact, quite the opposite.  They put your body under duress.  The burden on your liver, kidneys, and other organs to detoxify is heightened.  And if you are prediabetic or diabetic, (or have any health concerns really) your body is already under duress.  So don't pour gasoline on the fire.  Your body can't handle it.  The aspartame and sucralose, to name a few, are not a good swap.  Consume these and you can just about guarantee that you will gain additional health concerns at some point.  And if someone, even like your neighbor, aunt, or doctor, has told you that these artificial sweetners are ok to consume, then, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

  • You feel confident that you are managing your symptoms with medications.  (CLICK)  While medications may bring relief from your symptoms or seemingly improve your test results, you have most certainly not gotten to the root cause of your disease.  There is a storm brewing in your body.  Festering.  Waiting.  Waiting for you to listen. Because our bodies aren't stupid.  They are quite intelligent, in fact.  And if you merely mask the symptoms (which is the body's way of communicating with you, by the way) then eventually you will be presented with a new set of symptoms. Maybe headaches or even cancer.  Your body decides, don't shoot the messenger. 

  • You don't manage your stress. (CLICK) Stress inevitably causes inflammation in the body.  And if you have health concerns, then stress will only exacerbate them.  HIGHLY exacerbate. And keep you in a state of disease.  There is no such thing as health when you are under constant stress.  Your body is literally unable to recover.  So if you thought stress wasn't such a big deal, you might wanna rethink that.  That is if you ever desire to regain your health. 

It's a very risky game.  And if you are playing, I can't encourage you enough to STOP.  Please find the help you need to stop pulling the trigger.   

Because we all know how that game ends...

Amanda Buse

Our Current Healthcare System: How It Failed Me

It started out with a trip to the ER...

I had been having chest pain off and on throughout the day.  The sharp pain after lunch literally brought me to my knees. And so I figured it was necessary to go to the hospital to get checked out.  

I drank some nasty contrast, had a CAT scan, and they found nothing wrong with me.  

Heartburn, not heart attack.  

But they told me to go see my primary care physician to have me referred to a specialist.  And so I did...

I wound up with a gastroenterologist, getting an upper endoscopy, and trying a variety of meds. PPI's. Tried everything that ends with "zole."  Took a year to actually find ones that curbed my symptoms. 

But after all that, when I asked how do people get off the medication

This is my favorite part...

Wait for it...

My very specialized gastroenterologist said...

He didn't know how people got off the medication that he put them on.  

Some people eventually stopped taking it he said, but he didn't know how.  And others stayed on it for years.  But I was not to worry.  If the medication that he prescribed stopped working to curb my symptoms, then I could come back and he would find a different one to put me on.


So by the time I was 30, I had a laundry list of meds.  Felt like I was 90.  I knew my health was getting worse and not better.

And I couldn't believe that no one could help me get to the root cause of my symptoms.

I wanted to know what was causing my poor health.  Why did I start having the chest pain all those years prior? What was my body trying to tell me?  

In desperation, I turned to holistic methods of healthcare. Paying completely out of pocket, I started working with a massage therapist and a chiropractor.

And you know what?

I got better.

I finally had someone listen to my entire story, put together all of the pieces of the puzzle, and care enough to help me get my life back.  They helped guide me to the root causes of my health concerns.  

And I came off all of the meds.  

At 35, I feel the best that I have in a long time.  I feel the healthiest that I have maybe in my entire life.

And it saddens me that I had to go through all the craziness of being on more and more medication, getting sicker, and feeling frustrated because no one seemed to be able to help me.  

I wasted so much time being sick when I didn't have to be.  

My journey motivated me to want to help others in a similar situation.    

And I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Now I help people find wellness through aromatherapy & functional nutrition.    

You don't have to feel 90 at 30 years old.  Or even at 60 years old.  Who's to say that 90 has to feel bad anyway?  And someone will care and help you get to the root cause of your symptoms. So don't give up thinking that you can regain your health.  

It CAN happen.