Amanda Buse

How to Google Your Way to Wellness

So you have health concerns.
 Maybe multiple health concerns.  And your doctor has told you his advice which may include surgery, medications, or both. Or maybe he suggested lifestyle changes in a vague way like cut back on stress or get more sleep.  

And when you get home from the doctor's office, you turn to your computer and start googling.  What are your options? What can you figure out?

Here's where I'm gonna remind you that the internet is a vast, beckoning, and confusing black hole when it comes to health information.  As if you weren't already aware.  

Thanks, Mrs. Obvious.  

But we still do it, right? Those late night searches, spending every spare minute reading this article or that ebook.  Finding lots of "results" that maybe aren't quite right, are too many to read, or are completely contradictory.  We think that we ought to be able to figure this out for ourselves.  

We all do this.  And it's not entirely a bad idea.  I definitely advocate trying to learn everything you can about your personal health issues.  

But the chances of you actually figuring out some real, solid, practical advice online can be pretty slim.  And it can feel mega overwhelming.  

Kinda like herding cats...

I like to use that image because I think it paints a pretty clear picture.  It can get out of hand quick.  

One day you are freezing lemons to put in your water and the next week you are ready to book your trip to that Mexican spa.  You know, the one with that water that Ponce de Leon was searching for?

My best advice on internet health searches...

Google with a grain of salt.

Because this Google thing is a two-edged sword.  

You are gonna find some good information and some bad information.  And probably some in between.  Sorting it all out?  Good times, right?

And so I want to let you in on a little secret.  One that is starting to spread like wildfire, and I personally hope that it engulfs the world in it's flames.  

There is a professional out there called a Health Coach.

And this person is able to help you navigate your health issues and will be there every step of the way.  To help you create new healthy habits.  To help you sleep better or reduce food cravings or stress or a myriad of other concerns.  To be a partner in finding your healthiest lifestyle.  And to be a listening ear to help link everything together.  

Wouldn't you rather have a partner who has been formally trained to help you navigate the contradictory information and work with you to uncover your true, healthiest self?  

We are out there folks.  And we are looking for you because we want to help you.  Most of us have been through our own health issues and want to pass on all that we've learned.  

So you don't have to relive our same struggles. 

Personally, I know what it's like to have a bunch of seemingly disconnected symptoms, not get anywhere with my doctor's visits other than new prescriptions, and felt like I didn't know where to turn for help.  And my health journey compelled me to become a Health Coach to help others from going down that road alone.  

So cancel that trip to Mexico...

And start googling for your very own Health Coach.