The New "D" Word

I can't even tell you how disturbed I am by this dirty word.  It's filthy. It's ruining our society.  And it's everywhere!  

You probably say it at least once a week.  Your kids have probably said it too.  And when people say it to me,
I internally cringe.  


Like someone just dumped a big bucket of green slime over my head!

Our words are so important. They affect our perceptions, our mood, our health. So why we choose to use such a degrading word about ourselves and others is beyond me.

I'm talking about the new "D" word in town.  You know...

The word...


It's difficult for me to even type it!  I had to make it small font because it deserves to be small.  Smaller in our thinking and in our vocabulary.  

This word really gets to me these days.  Mostly because I hear people talking about it like a prison sentence.  I'm eating a salad for lunch because I'm on a "diet" and therefore,  there must be something wrong with me.  

Like I'm some kind of modern-day leper.  

Because I couldn't possibly be eating healthy because I want to. Or because it tastes good.  Or because I feel so much better in my body.  Or BECAUSE I VALUE MYSELF.

Your "diet" or way of eating, let's call it, should totally support and empower you.  Not degrade you and make you feel deprived.  Not shame you.  Not EVER.

And the idea that health must come in this unwelcome package of restrictions and severity is so outdated!  Get off that roller coaster...

Food should be your best ally because it energizes and supports your body's functions.  It keeps you healthy and participating in the things that you love.  That's what it was meant to be.  So, let's make sure that's how you are eating.  

Eat in a supportive way, not a restrictive one.  

And for goodness' sake... 

Please join me in cutting this destructive word from your vocabulary! 

Let's stop all the potty mouth.  Talk kindly to yourself and to others.  

For more information on how to eat in a supportive way, visit or contact Amanda Buse, Certified Holistic Health Coach by clicking HERE


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