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Let’s talk about sleep…

Have you been getting enough zzzz’s lately? Or not even lately.  Maybe you haven’t slept well in a very long time.  Maybe you can’t seem to shut your mind down at night to let yourself relax and fall asleep.  Maybe you have worries that keep you from peaceful slumber.  Is sleeping through the night for an entire 7-8 hours something of a fantasy for you?  Do you fall asleep quickly only to wake up after a few hours and then can’t get back to sleep? 

Maybe this post almost put you to sleep because you are SO tired that reading anything these days makes your eyes droop.  Lol. 

Except it’s not really very funny.  Not if you are living this way and can’t seem to find your way out.  Not at all funny if you feel like a zombie day after day.  Nothing funny about trying to get through the day with about a tenth of the energy that you wish you had.  Nothing is as frustrating as lying in bed wishing you could sleep and knowing you have a million things to do the next day.

If any of these descriptions hit home with you, then we should chatIt’s time to rejoin the living.  It’s time you decide to do something about it so you don’t keep missing out on the life you should have.  The one that is passing you by because you don’t have enough energy to keep up.  Don’t wait.  A peaceful night’s sleep is just around the corner…


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