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3 Reasons Why the Paleo Diet Won't Reverse Your Autoimmune Dynamic

Have you heard all of the hype lately about the Paleo Autoimmune cure?  It's definitely a hot topic online and I've been asked several times about it.  Before you try to go "all in" on another restrictive fad diet, please take the following into consideration.

Here are 3 reasons why the Paleo diet in and of itself will not reverse your autoimmune condition.  

1.  The Paleo diet is quite restrictive but may be so in many wrong ways for your individual body and needs.  While the Paleo diet may result in removing inflammatory foods from your current diet and can potentially help improve your symptoms, some of the foods may be removed unnecessarily for each individual.  AND other foods may be allowed which would ideally be removed for certain individuals.  I don't know about you, but I despise wasting my time and taking unnecessary steps at any task.  The best solution, in my opinion, is to determine which foods are actually causing an inflammatory response in your individual body through IgG blood testing.    This just makes logical sense to me in our modern society to use the current technology at our disposal.  My IgG results showed antibodies to pineapple, papaya, and of all things, garlic.  Three foods which would have been just fine on the Paleo diet, even the restricted AIP one, were not OK for me.  Not OK for my individual body.  And other gluten-free grains like oats and rice are fine for me and it's unnecessary for me to cease eating them. If you like doing unnecessary and time consuming tasks, by all means, that is your right.

2.  Simply removing inflammatory foods doesn't address the gut healing and nutritional supplementation required for complete recovery.  You see, removing the CORRECT inflammatory foods is only a portion of the process.  You also need to give the body adequate nutrition to rebuild and repair so that it will no longer attack benign foods through the immune system response.  In my opinion, where an autoimmune dynamic has already developed, adequate nutrition to reverse this process cannot be acquired through a healthy diet alone.  The body is depleted so severely of certain vitamins and minerals that supplementation is necessary for acute care.  Therefore, simply removing inflammatory foods and eating a healthy diet won't give your body enough support for recovery.

3.  Additional root causes for the autoimmune condition such as infections, overgrowths, and hormone imbalances can also be a part of the dynamic and will not resolve themselves by mere dietary changes.  Often, autoimmune responses are accompanied by SIBO, yeast overgrowths, or various other infections as well as adrenal issues/hormone imbalances which need to be directly addressed.  This should be done with the help of a trained functional nutrition or functional medicine practitioner.  Additional testing may be necessary to determine these dynamics such as stool testing and/or hormone testing. For real and lasting recovery, you want to get at all of the root drivers for your condition, not just your trigger foods.

In conclusion, I leave you with this metaphor...

Let's say you have scheduled yourself a fantastic tropical cruise vacation.  You head out on your journey only to be stuck at the airport in Atlanta due to layover after your first flight leg.  The flight into the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale is rescheduled for the next day so that you miss catching your cruise before it leaves port.  Probably spending your time at the Atlanta airport is not the vacation you dreamed of.  Especially not if you were hoping to go on a tropical cruise.  

Probably the Paleo diet is not the solution you dreamed it would be.  Nor will it live up to the hype that is so prevalent online.  

My advice?

Get all of the facts and the necessary guidance that you need regarding your health concerns.  Don't waste your time on trendy diets.  

And don't miss the boat.  

Amanda Buse is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who specializes in applied functional medicine protocols.  She empowers her clients to take control of their health and claim the life that they want by helping them get to the root cause of their health concerns.  You can find out more and contact Amanda at

Amanda Buse

Stop the Dieting Madness!

So who has been on a diet before?  Probably just about everyone, right?

And was it successful?

Are you still eating that same way?  Meaning...was your diet sustainable?

Probably not.  

And that's the super frustrating part.  We torture ourselves with this yo-yo dieting.  

One month we eat vegetarian.  Then we read something online or talk to a friend and decide that we must be more strict.  We must be vegan.  

Hmmm...then we read a different article or talk to a different friend.  Suddenly we aren't getting enough protein!  We must eat more meat!  

Somehow we jump from vegan to Paleo.  Which is quite a swing, I must say.  

And do we feel any better?

You tell me...

Or maybe we try playing the numbers game.  

Counting calories, carbs, fats, proteins, points,...

Does any of this math really matter?

I'd have to state a resounding NO.  And it's not just because I dislike math.  (I'm an English literature gal myself--to be on a diet or not to be on a diet, that is the question)

And I'm gonna vote for not.  

I have definitely come to learn that I do not need to jump from diet to diet or ever really go on another diet again.  

Not now that I've learned how to eat to fuel my individual body and lifestyle.  

You see, it's so not about the math.  It is SO NOT ABOUT THE MATH.

And it's not about having a trendy diet with a fancy, schmancy label.  You know, the ones that somebody literally made up.  Maybe it worked for them and so they thought it would work for everyone.  

Well guess what?  You are not everyone.  You are YOU.  Luckily.  

And you have your very own eating style.  

YOU have your very own way of eating that will fuel your body and lifestyle.

That is if you want to discern what it is.  

But don't worry.  You don't have to figure this out on your own.

I would absolutely love to share with you how I learned to discern my INDIVIDUAL eating style.  And how it helped me to lose almost 25 pounds without killing myself in a gym or having to starve myself. (And no I didn't make this up. So don't worry. It's totally real. There's even a test to prove it.) 

I still eat cupcakes, chocolate, french fries, ice cream, and Ranch salad dressing.  

And eating to fuel my body tastes AMAZING.  It is incredibly satisfying.  

And I'll never go back.  

I'll never go back to crazy diets of math games and torturing myself to the point of tears.  


If you would like my help to determine the best foods for your individual body to fuel your lifestyle, visit to schedule your initial consultation.

I bet you can already feel the freedom.  Release yourself from this cyclical prison of dieting.

Stop the dieting madness!

Amanda Buse

How I met a new friend...

Today, I went out for a walk down the road with my hubby.  We were enjoying the beautiful fall weather when a pickup truck pulled up next to us and informed us that there was a local man who went missing.  Apparently he has Alzheimer's and somehow managed to walk away from his home.  There had even been helicopters out in the area trying to search for him.  I had seen them myself earlier in the day but didn't think anything of it at the time.  

And as we walked over the crest of a small hill, there came a pleasant, elderly gentleman so we greeted him.  We asked him for his name, and sure enough, he was the missing man.  So I offered him a drink of water and he was more than happy to take me up on it.  He came back to our house to sit on the front porch and enjoy his refreshing beverage while my husband called the police.  

While visiting on the porch, the gentleman told me about his wife and her cooking.  He had met her in Germany and told me her name.  He was anxious to get home for his wife's dinner.  He said that he had been walking for four days and had spent the night in a nearby forest.  The man had only gone missing that same morning but he definitely had an adventuresome spirit!  

I thoroughly enjoyed his company and getting to chat with him.  It was a pleasant surprise for our afternoon to be able to return this lovely man to his family.  The police came to chauffeur him home, and he was happy to go with them.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed your dinner Mr. Miller!  We will always remember you!

Reflecting on my grandmother's life on the anniversary of her passing this month and then meeting this man afflicted with her same health concern of Alzheimer's really hit home for me today.  It's so frustrating to me that in our society we see these signs of aging as a given.  But there's so much we can do to make an impact on our health.  So much we can do to limit our risk of developing these debilitating diseases.  

And I use this as my motivation.  To help others become the healthiest versions of themselves as well as to encourage myself in my own health journey.  We may never have perfect health, and maybe we can't even extend our life, per se.  But I want to do everything I can to really enjoy the time that I do have.  I want every ability I can have to live my life.  And not just be among the living.  I want to thrive.  And I want to help you do that too.  Whenever you are ready...

When you are ready to live your life to the fullest. When you are tired of being a spectator.  When you know you need to do something before it's too late.  You can feel better and have more energy.  You CAN thrive.  Are you ready?  

Amanda Buse

How A Health Coach Will Help You

If you are wondering what a health coach does, you are not alone.  

I get a lot of blank stares when someone asks me what I do for a living and I respond with this job title.  People are polite and pretend to know what I mean. Maybe they have heard of it before and maybe not.  I appreciate their kindness, but I would love to share more specifically what a health coach does.  

Especially how a health coach can help you.

I really think this is the best analogy...

Have you ever helped a child build a puzzle?

You help them get it out of the box and flip all of the pieces over so you can see the shapes and colors.  You let them take the lead, providing guidance as they get stuck or even ask for help.  

Maybe you suggest that they rotate a piece.  Maybe you try to get them to see why something won't fit.  You can suggest they try a spot with a certain matching color.  You can give hints like trying to start with pieces that have a smooth edge to build the frame first.  

You provide guidance...  

Gently, calmly, encouragingly.

And slowly but surely the two of you build something beautiful.

Something the child is proud of.  

And you helped them...but you let them do the work.

You allow them to learn and grow from the experience, from your guidance.   

It's a synergistic thing of magnificence...

And so it is with health coaching.  

It's a partner on your wellness journey helping you to see your options.  Helping you to navigate the sometimes bumpy path on the way to the healthiest version of yourself.  

It is someone with a vision of what the finished picture can be and a plan as to how to help you get there. 

A health coach is a partner, a teacher, a listener, a coordinator...

with your best interest in mind.

With your total health and wellness as the goal.

Would you like a health coach to help guide you to put the pieces together for your healthiest self?
Visit and schedule your initial consultation today.  

I would be more than happy to build a puzzle with you.   

Amanda Buse

Redefining Disease

Have you ever had a cold or flu?  

And you recognized that you were sick because of a set of symptoms that appeared which were previously not common in your daily life?

We all recognize the classic symptoms of a cold like a runny nose, headache, congestion, or cough.  Or the fever, chills, and vomiting typically associated with a flu.  We get that these symptoms are indicators that our immune systems are trying to recover our health.  

We get that eventually these symptoms will go away.  

So is it that much of a stretch to apply this same type of thinking to any set of symptoms?

Let's say that you have been diagnosed with a "disease" like diabetes.  Your  symptoms probably include elevated blood glucose levels and possibly you are overweight.  

But what if you find the root cause of your symptoms in the first place so that they can be eliminated?

What if your blood glucose levels are lowered to a healthy range without medication and you lose weight?

Do you still have symptoms of this disease?  

Without symptoms do you still have this disease?

I hope people will come to start thinking of their health concerns like having the cold.

They have a set of symptoms.  But it doesn't mean that their symptoms have to last.  It doesn't mean that these symptoms have to define their lives.   It doesn't mean that disease has to define their lives.

Because if we begin to think of disease as a sum of its parts, then we can see where we can make progress.  We can truly find the root cause of our symptoms.  And we can eradicate the symptoms instead of alleviating them through medication.  

Wouldn't you rather get rid of your symptoms for good than try to cover them up?  

Because the reason for our body displaying symptoms in the first place is to give us a warning.  It's the body's way of telling us that something needs our attention.  How incredible that our bodies have this way of communicating with us!

So we should pay attention.

And learn to appreciate our symptoms.  Learn from our symptoms.  

Learn to give our bodies what they need and less of what they don't need.  

Because when you ignore one set of symptoms and try to hide them, mask them, then you are only asking your body to display a new set of symptoms.

Our bodies will keep speaking to us through this way until we listen.  

Only when we start to understand this dialogue with our bodies will we find our way to true wellness.   And out of the medicine cabinet.  

Amanda Buse

Diabetes & Russian Roulette

We've all heard of the notorious game called Russian Roulette.  It's so not a good idea. 


We've seen the movies where someone pulls the trigger.  And with each (CLICK) our blood pressure goes up just watching, even when we know it's not real.  

But what if you are unkowingly pulling that trigger on a daily basis?  


With your health.

What if certain actions you take each day that you think are helping you to be healthy are actually the opposite?  

What if they are putting you one step closer to losing the game?  

Here are 3 bullets that explain how you might be doing just that, especially if you are diabetic or prediabetic...

  • You consume artificial sweetners in an attempt to avoid sugar.  (CLICK ) There is nothing beneficial about consuming artificial sweetners.  EVER.  In fact, quite the opposite.  They put your body under duress.  The burden on your liver, kidneys, and other organs to detoxify is heightened.  And if you are prediabetic or diabetic, (or have any health concerns really) your body is already under duress.  So don't pour gasoline on the fire.  Your body can't handle it.  The aspartame and sucralose, to name a few, are not a good swap.  Consume these and you can just about guarantee that you will gain additional health concerns at some point.  And if someone, even like your neighbor, aunt, or doctor, has told you that these artificial sweetners are ok to consume, then, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

  • You feel confident that you are managing your symptoms with medications.  (CLICK)  While medications may bring relief from your symptoms or seemingly improve your test results, you have most certainly not gotten to the root cause of your disease.  There is a storm brewing in your body.  Festering.  Waiting.  Waiting for you to listen. Because our bodies aren't stupid.  They are quite intelligent, in fact.  And if you merely mask the symptoms (which is the body's way of communicating with you, by the way) then eventually you will be presented with a new set of symptoms. Maybe headaches or even cancer.  Your body decides, don't shoot the messenger. 

  • You don't manage your stress. (CLICK) Stress inevitably causes inflammation in the body.  And if you have health concerns, then stress will only exacerbate them.  HIGHLY exacerbate. And keep you in a state of disease.  There is no such thing as health when you are under constant stress.  Your body is literally unable to recover.  So if you thought stress wasn't such a big deal, you might wanna rethink that.  That is if you ever desire to regain your health. 

It's a very risky game.  And if you are playing, I can't encourage you enough to STOP.  Please find the help you need to stop pulling the trigger.   

Because we all know how that game ends...

Amanda Buse

Our Current Healthcare System: How It Failed Me

It started out with a trip to the ER...

I had been having chest pain off and on throughout the day.  The sharp pain after lunch literally brought me to my knees. And so I figured it was necessary to go to the hospital to get checked out.  

I drank some nasty contrast, had a CAT scan, and they found nothing wrong with me.  

Heartburn, not heart attack.  

But they told me to go see my primary care physician to have me referred to a specialist.  And so I did...

I wound up with a gastroenterologist, getting an upper endoscopy, and trying a variety of meds. PPI's. Tried everything that ends with "zole."  Took a year to actually find ones that curbed my symptoms. 

But after all that, when I asked how do people get off the medication

This is my favorite part...

Wait for it...

My very specialized gastroenterologist said...

He didn't know how people got off the medication that he put them on.  

Some people eventually stopped taking it he said, but he didn't know how.  And others stayed on it for years.  But I was not to worry.  If the medication that he prescribed stopped working to curb my symptoms, then I could come back and he would find a different one to put me on.


So by the time I was 30, I had a laundry list of meds.  Felt like I was 90.  I knew my health was getting worse and not better.

And I couldn't believe that no one could help me get to the root cause of my symptoms.

I wanted to know what was causing my poor health.  Why did I start having the chest pain all those years prior? What was my body trying to tell me?  

In desperation, I turned to holistic methods of healthcare. Paying completely out of pocket, I started working with a massage therapist and a chiropractor.

And you know what?

I got better.

I finally had someone listen to my entire story, put together all of the pieces of the puzzle, and care enough to help me get my life back.  They helped guide me to the root causes of my health concerns.  

And I came off all of the meds.  

At 35, I feel the best that I have in a long time.  I feel the healthiest that I have maybe in my entire life.

And it saddens me that I had to go through all the craziness of being on more and more medication, getting sicker, and feeling frustrated because no one seemed to be able to help me.  

I wasted so much time being sick when I didn't have to be.  

My journey motivated me to want to help others in a similar situation.    

And I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Now I help people find wellness through aromatherapy & functional nutrition.    

You don't have to feel 90 at 30 years old.  Or even at 60 years old.  Who's to say that 90 has to feel bad anyway?  And someone will care and help you get to the root cause of your symptoms. So don't give up thinking that you can regain your health.  

It CAN happen.  


Amanda Buse

How to Google Your Way to Wellness

So you have health concerns.
 Maybe multiple health concerns.  And your doctor has told you his advice which may include surgery, medications, or both. Or maybe he suggested lifestyle changes in a vague way like cut back on stress or get more sleep.  

And when you get home from the doctor's office, you turn to your computer and start googling.  What are your options? What can you figure out?

Here's where I'm gonna remind you that the internet is a vast, beckoning, and confusing black hole when it comes to health information.  As if you weren't already aware.  

Thanks, Mrs. Obvious.  

But we still do it, right? Those late night searches, spending every spare minute reading this article or that ebook.  Finding lots of "results" that maybe aren't quite right, are too many to read, or are completely contradictory.  We think that we ought to be able to figure this out for ourselves.  

We all do this.  And it's not entirely a bad idea.  I definitely advocate trying to learn everything you can about your personal health issues.  

But the chances of you actually figuring out some real, solid, practical advice online can be pretty slim.  And it can feel mega overwhelming.  

Kinda like herding cats...

I like to use that image because I think it paints a pretty clear picture.  It can get out of hand quick.  

One day you are freezing lemons to put in your water and the next week you are ready to book your trip to that Mexican spa.  You know, the one with that water that Ponce de Leon was searching for?

My best advice on internet health searches...

Google with a grain of salt.

Because this Google thing is a two-edged sword.  

You are gonna find some good information and some bad information.  And probably some in between.  Sorting it all out?  Good times, right?

And so I want to let you in on a little secret.  One that is starting to spread like wildfire, and I personally hope that it engulfs the world in it's flames.  

There is a professional out there called a Health Coach.

And this person is able to help you navigate your health issues and will be there every step of the way.  To help you create new healthy habits.  To help you sleep better or reduce food cravings or stress or a myriad of other concerns.  To be a partner in finding your healthiest lifestyle.  And to be a listening ear to help link everything together.  

Wouldn't you rather have a partner who has been formally trained to help you navigate the contradictory information and work with you to uncover your true, healthiest self?  

We are out there folks.  And we are looking for you because we want to help you.  Most of us have been through our own health issues and want to pass on all that we've learned.  

So you don't have to relive our same struggles. 

Personally, I know what it's like to have a bunch of seemingly disconnected symptoms, not get anywhere with my doctor's visits other than new prescriptions, and felt like I didn't know where to turn for help.  And my health journey compelled me to become a Health Coach to help others from going down that road alone.  

So cancel that trip to Mexico...

And start googling for your very own Health Coach.  


Amanda Buse

The New "D" Word

I can't even tell you how disturbed I am by this dirty word.  It's filthy. It's ruining our society.  And it's everywhere!  

You probably say it at least once a week.  Your kids have probably said it too.  And when people say it to me,
I internally cringe.  


Like someone just dumped a big bucket of green slime over my head!

Our words are so important. They affect our perceptions, our mood, our health. So why we choose to use such a degrading word about ourselves and others is beyond me.

I'm talking about the new "D" word in town.  You know...

The word...


It's difficult for me to even type it!  I had to make it small font because it deserves to be small.  Smaller in our thinking and in our vocabulary.  

This word really gets to me these days.  Mostly because I hear people talking about it like a prison sentence.  I'm eating a salad for lunch because I'm on a "diet" and therefore,  there must be something wrong with me.  

Like I'm some kind of modern-day leper.  

Because I couldn't possibly be eating healthy because I want to. Or because it tastes good.  Or because I feel so much better in my body.  Or BECAUSE I VALUE MYSELF.

Your "diet" or way of eating, let's call it, should totally support and empower you.  Not degrade you and make you feel deprived.  Not shame you.  Not EVER.

And the idea that health must come in this unwelcome package of restrictions and severity is so outdated!  Get off that roller coaster...

Food should be your best ally because it energizes and supports your body's functions.  It keeps you healthy and participating in the things that you love.  That's what it was meant to be.  So, let's make sure that's how you are eating.  

Eat in a supportive way, not a restrictive one.  

And for goodness' sake... 

Please join me in cutting this destructive word from your vocabulary! 

Let's stop all the potty mouth.  Talk kindly to yourself and to others.  

For more information on how to eat in a supportive way, visit or contact Amanda Buse, Certified Holistic Health Coach by clicking HERE

Amanda Buse

How I Drowned & Lived to Tell About It - Part 3

The night that my husband spent in the ER after they shocked his heart back into rhythm seemed long.  The doctors wouldn't allow me to stay at the hospital with him and so I came home. And this cute, little, furry face greeted me and was my source of comfort.  She watched me pack stuff to take to the hospital the next day. Let me pet her and snuggle.  Was so nice to not be there by myself that night.

Always there in our times of need these pets are.  Lily had lived with me in that house which flooded too. It took her a while to adjust to the new house after we moved.

It was about a year after the flood that we found out she was very sick.  

Poor baby wouldn't even get out of her bed for a treat... that's when you know it's not good.  She had a condition that resulted in congestive heart failure.  Anyone who has ever given a cat a pill can relate.  We gave her one each day for a year...

And every day for a year I worried that each time I left the house she wouldn't be alive when I got back.

I remember snuggling with her on the sofa on her last night.  I didn't know it would be her last night. But it was still hard to make myself leave her and go to bed. Maybe sometimes we kinda know what we don't really want to acknowledge.  

This was a difficult blow because up until then nothing which was alive had been lost.

The house was destroyed, yes, but it was just possessions.  Things.  My hubby had given us quite a scare, but he survived. Each time I thought we were about to recover, something new popped up.  Some new form of drowning...

And I held my sweet kitty in my arms for the last time with my hubby by my side.

It's impossible to decide which way is more painful.  Knowing this will eventually happen and trying to somehow prepare for that day. Try to prepare for something you know you can't prepare for.  Or having it come out of the blue and smack you in the face.  Like a punch in the gut.  Like a flood slowly rising or a flame catching quick...there's no good time.  There's no good way. There's no good day...

So you decide that you can't... let these things control you.  The drowning... it consumes you.  It will take you down, down, down,...

And I always thought that I needed to swim to avoid the drowning.  Fight hard.  Stay strong.  Be brave.  Don't give up...

Which is exhausting...

There's only so long you can fight.  Just so much left to give. Not enough at the end of the day.  

But, how to stop this drowning...

The phoenix... it rises gracefully and then it is gliding. It doesn't struggle. It is graceful.

And there was something I learned from my fridge, the one in that flood.  It's such an ironic reminder. When the answer is right in front of you. Staring you in the face. No more struggle, no more kicking, no more fighting. No more wasting my energy... 

I learned how to...