21 Day Jumpstart:  Health Coaching with Amanda Buse

Join My 21 Day Jumpstart  

Jumpstart Your Health
Would you like to improve or even eliminate symptoms such as:

*hives/acne/rashes/eczema/ psoriasis
*joint stiffness & pain
*muscle cramping/fibromyalgia
*brain fog/inability to focus
*post nasal drip/sinus issues
*anxiety/irritability/low mood/mood swings
*low energy/fatigue
*stubborn weight

If you have been diagnosed (or believe you are undiagnosed) with:
Autoimmune disease
chronic fatigue

You already know that struggling with these symptoms on a daily basis is

This program can help you find relief from your symptoms naturally.  

So here's the thing...

Healthy foods can be causing your symptoms. 


The KEY to finding relief from your symptoms naturally is to
determine which foods are inflammatory for your unique body.

Would you like to discover what healthy foods are
holding you back from regaining your health?

Do you already know certain foods are an issue for your body
but struggle to pinpoint exactly which ones?  

Do you want specific data for clear cut solutions & faster results?  

If so, I invite you to join me for my 21 Day Jumpstart 

Determine which foods are causing symptoms for your unique body
so that you know exactly which steps to take
to regain your health and reclaim your life.  

Here's how it works:


You have the opportunity to take a finger prick blood spot test
from the comfort of your own home to determine which specific foods (out of 95)
are causing a reaction by your immune system.  
This is the EXACT test that I have used personally and with my private coaching clients
to decipher how people should eat for their unique bodies. 
(Testing is optional, however, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.
The only other way to obtain this testing through me is in a minimum 3 month coaching program.)  
♦ All at home test kits must be completed and sent back to the lab in order to have your results available for the program.
♦ A separate lab fee of $165.30 must be mailed in with your sample and made payable to the lab     
♦ All test results will be sent from the lab to Amanda Buse, Health Coach and shared with you during the program or as received.


The 21
**This is a 3 week, in-depth, educational experience to help you understand the dynamics at play
for your unique body that are contributing to your symptoms.
**Designed to give your health a quick boost by combining high quality testing with targeted solutions
so that you can make a big impact in a short amount of time.
**Receive an email series & 3 videos
to walk you through the process over 21 days.  

WEEK 1: Deep Dive Into Behind-the-Scene Details of Your Health
WEEK 2: Interpreting Your Test Results
WEEK 3: Implementing Strategies for Long-Term Benefits

**Be empowered to know exactly what steps you need to take
to make progress towards relieving your symptoms naturally. 

**Understand specifically which foods are causing your health issues

**Obtain detailed guidance that you can apply to your specific test results and for your unique body.  

**Supplement suggestions will be made but you control what you decide to implement for your individual needs.

How much time in your life has already been spent on doctors visits and not feeling well?

 Is the life you want to lead passing you by?
I have seen this process work for many people
to help them find exactly how to eat for their unique bodies.

When you understand which specific foods are causing your symptoms, you are empowered like never before!

These are the same steps that I used to regain my own personal health & my life. 

The 21 Day Jumpstart includes the EXACT program details that I use privately with my 1:1 clients.  

My system has helped numerous clients to find relief from their symptoms so that they can get back to living the lives that they love.  

I highly encourage you to join the Jumpstart so that you too can start living the life that you long for.
Your life can be free from debilitating symptoms.  
BONUS 1 - My ecookbook with over 60 recipes free from the top 2 most common inflammatory foods
BONUS 2 - My Smoothie ecookbook with 14 smoothie recipes including The Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie
BONUS 3 - My Menu Planning Made Easy Guide with Meal Planning Worksheet

Receive a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with ME to discuss your test results!
(Consultation must be held within 60 days of program purchase)

Don't wait!  Space is very limited for this life changing opportunity!
2019 can be YOUR BEST YEAR YET!!!!!